NUMEROLOGY: The science of Numerology uses the number values from your name and date of birth as a means to self revelation. It is both a science and a philosophy, developed by Pythagoras over 2,500 years ago. In numerology, numbers are treated differently to mathematics, in that they have a quality associated with them as opposed to a measurement of quantity. For example: you can find out who you really are; plan major life changes (relationships, home, etc); understand what effect your name has on your life; focus on relationships. These are just some of the ways numerology can work for you.

by Keith Hudson

A peek at The Numerology Workshop with Keith Hudson Numerologist/Medium/ 
Clairvoyant held at Rochester Square Temple Saturday 28th October 2006.

The workshop started promptly at 1.00 p.m. with most of us seated comfortably at small desk tables in the front of the church armed with paper, pens and willing hearts and minds.  Once introductions were done, we were on the road to an ancient science of numerology, a study of numbers to gain insight into your personal numerology portrait.  Numerology is used to make decisions, when to move, when to travel, when to take or change jobs, when to marry etc., do numbers have vibrations like us?  Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who lived from 470-569 is known historically to be the originator of this teaching of how to change 
the letters in your name to reveal much about your personality and potential. 

Keith pinned an alphabet code with numbers below them onto the notice board in front of us. We all looked rather puzzled as none of us were too familiar with 
the code or numerology so to be honest we were all beginners:-

 1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8     9

A     B     C     D     E      F      G     H     I 
J      K      L    M    N      O     P     Q     R 
S      T      U    V    W     X      Y     Z

Here is an example:  DEAN    D=4   E=5   A=1   N=5             = 15 = 1+5 = 6  
                                   SMITH   S=1   M=4   I=9   T=2   H=8  = 24 = 2+4 = 8 
                         ADD TOGETHER   6+8=14            Now add  1+4= 5

                                   Number 5 is Dean Smith’s soul number, this number is derived from his birth name and reveals his inner, private self, the underlying motivations that influence his decisions and actions, his subconscious desires and his most deeply ingrained attitudes.  A numerologist could give Dean a reading from this number. Keith said Dean being No 5 was very articulate, good with presenting and his planet is Mercury. 

Keith is a wise self taught man who obviously knows most of what there is to know about this subject, he was going just a bit too fast for most of us to grasp the method of numerology so we kindly asked him to slow down for us poor mortals struggling to keep ahead…………..he did and then as he slowly started to explain how to use numbers to learn about your personality the penny began to drop – I think! 

For beginners embarking on these workshops believe me you need good concentration all the time, if you let your thought process stray for one minute it is to easy to lose the plot of the numbers, so remember to pay attention and all will be revealed. Keith uses an old established numerology book to support his work and he can almost quote it word for word.  
There is much to learn with vowels and consonants involved, planets, personality, destiny, illumination, master builders, tissue salts (homeopathy) angels, ascending masters and much more.  I would suggest a college course or treat yourself to a  
good book if you are really serious. 

Keith proceeded to explain the alphabet and numbers code and how you decipher what your soul number is by using your full BIRTH NAME AND DATE, including second and third names, not your married name, not your deed poll changed name, not any other name or date given to you but the name you were given at birth and that which is on your birth certificate as this is your divine real name and date belonging to you and only you!  To use anything other than your original birth date and full name will only lead to a very inaccurate reading. 

Throughout the workshop we asked many questions but once we had worked out our soul number Keith gave each one of us a numerical reading and he was right every time, he uses numbers constantly.  A small blip occurred when our Italian friend found it difficult to work it out in Italian, as they have only 23 letters to their alphabet, we have 26.

My conclusion is a few hours is far too few to learn numerology properly but you do get as I said a peek of understanding to numerology, especially if it is something you have often thought and want to learn about. It is interesting and different and I am finding more and more people are intrigued and talking about it just as we were eager to hear something new to enhance us and make our spiritual journey clearer. 

Well Done Keith!